Business Arena is a Finland-based innovation intermediary

Things we focus on

Co-working and co-creation environments

For startups, universities, science parks and co-working operators

Increasing university-business-cooperation

For universities, science parks and technology transfer organizations.

Facilitating knowledge transfer and regional development

For startups, project organizations, regional agencies and ministries.


We operate three co-working communities in Finland with over 100 member companies. We can help you to kickstart and operate a co-working and co-creation environment.

CASE: UBC STUDY 2016-2017

Business Area is the Finnish country partner for European Comission study on university-business-cooperation. We give you access to Finnish practices and tools. During our history, we’ve worked with more than half of Finnish HEIs.

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We operate
Co-working platforms in Finland
Our team has 15+ years of hands-on experience in designing and operating Finland’s leading co-creation and co-working platforms. Utilize this expertise to kickstart your own ecosystem development. Our concepts can be implemented as part of your university campus, science park, business accelerator or regional development.

  • Consultation and training on how to design, launch and operate community-driven co-working facilities or co-creation platforms
  • Consultation and training on ecosystem and platform management
  • Facilitated study and benchmarking visits to Finland
We have worked with half of Finnish universities to facilitate and increase the knowledge transfer, new startups and impact. To bring change to academic culture and bridge the gap between the worlds, we have created ready-made concepts and tools that can be applied outside Finland.
We can deliver and adapt this experience to your local environment:

  • Consultation and training to your key staff
  • Facilitated study and benchmarking trips to Finland
  • Matchmaking with Finnish university and business partners
We bring agile and lean-driven approach to regional development.

  • Access to Finnish testbed environment for demos, proof of concept and MVP development and commercialization
  • Connecting your platform or ecosystem with Finnish partners
  • Market entry services to help you commercialize your solution locally
  • Project matchmaking in Finland
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Mikko Markkanen, CEO, +358 40 758 8712

Katerina Vorlova, international projects, +358 44 356 9982

Toni Pienonen, Expert/Partner, Helsinki activities, +358 400 737 238

Mikko Korpela, Expert/Partner, +358 400 499 242

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